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Infrared Thermography Surveys on Building Envelopes

Infrared Thermography Surveys on Building Envelopes
Although it cannot quantify air leakage rates, infrared thermography provides the most rapid means to identify unintentional air leakage pathways in a building envelope. The benefits of infrared thermography in this context are:

• Air leakage pathways within a completed construction can be identified and rectified prior to air permeability tests, reducing the risk of repeat testing being required.
• Depending upon the nature of the construction, even a building that meets or exceeds air tightness requirements may still be at risk of deterioration due to air leakage and subsequent condensation. Identifying where air leakage is occurring can be critical.
• Air leakage pathways can often indicate rainwater ingress pathways adding to the potential benefits of an infrared survey.

Infrared thermography is becoming one of the fastest growing predictive maintenance technologies available today. The development of hand held focal plane array based systems enables predictive maintenance engineers to bring the thermographic camera to virtually any equipment site with ease. Advanced image processing and reporting programs facilitate fast and easy analysis and documentation of survey results.

Typically problems manifest themselves in two ways. With electrical and mechanical components, the problems appear as hot spots, which gradually grow in temperature. With insulation/heat loss related problems and NDT studies, the problems manifest themselves as thermal patterns, which grow in size. In some situations, both the temperature and the size of the thermal pattern will increase.

Infrared Thermography Surveys on Building Envelopes

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